Basic Speed Dating Questions to Ask

Speed dating is an excellent way to meet the right person for a long term relationship. It is a fun, easy and safe way to find a soul mate on It can be a very daunting task to find that special someone on a free dating site. There are so many beautiful people on these sites that it can be overwhelming to choose just one. In this article, you will learn some speed dating questions that will help you get to the top half of the dating game.


The first question that you need to answer before using the chat room is what is your income? How much money do you make? This is very important because the speed chat rooms will ask you how much you make per hour. If you are working and can afford to make a few more dollars per hour, then you should definitely answer yes.


Another important question is do you have any social friends or do you keep to yourself.

This is an important aspect to answering any online dating questions? for example how should a girl act after a hookup. A lot of people who chat room are there for pure friendship. If you are just looking to find a few good friends to chat with every now and again then you can probably skip this question.


Now that you have your income and social circle, you will want to select the speed dating service that best fits your needs. Many services offer free sign up and use. These are usually the lowest prices and allow you to browse through the profiles until you find someone that interests you. Some of these services have daily memberships where you pay a fee every day and are allowed to chat for as long as you want. These are usually the most expensive membership options but have some of the nicest features.


Once you have narrowed down the service that fits your needs, then you can start answering the questions. Most people are very friendly and will not mind answering questions or helping you out with basic information. You should always be upfront and honest with the person on the site. Make sure you have a sense of humor when chatting. It's best to be a little bit unpredictable.


One important question you need to ask is how old is the person you are chatting with.

When chatting with someone over speed, it's easy to get caught up in conversation and not think about age. Many people are not interested in knowing someone's age. It's better to just say hi and carry on. They won't care or be bothered. But if you want to make sure they are real and interested then just give them an exact date of birth.


Other speed dating questions to ask include things like what kind of things do they enjoy doing. If they love the outdoors, talk about going on weekends camping or hiking. If they are into sports then mention the teams you're considering. It's important to be as honest and genuine as possible. If they don't feel that you are genuine then they might not want to chat further.


Most important of all is to never feel pressured to chat with anyone. If someone is asking you questions to try and get you interested then don't answer the question for them. They might want to get to know you more but not everyone likes to chat using best dating service. If you have some speed dating tips to offer then you can hold off chatting with them until they feel comfortable enough to chat with you. Just take your own time chatting and meet someone when you feel like it. This way you won't end up sitting through two-hour chat sessions.

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