What If Someone Sees Me Approaching a Girl?!?!

“She was so hot! And she was RIGHT. THERE. DAMMIT. Why couldn’t I talk to her?”

Frustrating, huh?

Why couldn’t you talk to her? Try answering that rhetorical question – really, what was stopping you? We love hearing excuses about why guys claim they couldn’t talk to girls. We know them all, because we’ve had them all.

One of our favorites excuses is “What if someone sees me?” Let’s tear this one apart, right here, right now.

Fact of the matter is, no one is watching you.

Really. Think about that next time you’re pining to go say something to some girl that caught your eye. No one is watching you. People are far too busy thinking about themselves, their own lives, their own problems, their own dreams, their own hopes, and their own fantasies to ever stop, open their eyes and ears, and actually take in what’s going on around them. It’s mind-boggling.

And if the vast majority of the populous around you isn’t in floating about in their own thoughts, then they’re probably staring at the screen of a little smart phone, enraptured.

On top of that, even if someone is watching you (unlikely), then they don’t care – people watching you talking to a random girl still don’t care about you. So even though the vaaaaaaaaaaaast majority of people aren’t even watching you, what makes you think that the ones who actually are perceptive enough to check out the world around then for a moment automatically decide to focus their attention on special-little-you?

Sorry to let you down, bro, but it’s the old ‘you’re not a special and unique snowflake’ situation here. The random passerby who watches you say “Hello” to a woman in all likelihood doesn’t think about it at all. And even if they do, they probably think “Oh, those two people know each other.” When we walk up to women on the street and say “Hello,” that’s exactly what it looks like. Thus, Mr. Passerby has probably forgotten about ‘your approach’ anywhere from 2-5 seconds after they saw it, and almost certainly forgotten by the time they ate breakfast the next morning.

Even against all odds should a person actually watch you, realize that you’re approaching a stranger, and then on top of all of that, decide to invest any emotion energy into your well being, then they’ll probably be supportive. Passerby guys respect it because they probably can’t do it and passerby girls might actually be wishing you had talked to them instead.

Case in point – One of our students go tried to talk to a cute little blonde at the mall. He said “Hello!” to her as she walked by him, she didn’t even turn to look, and then a random dude who happened to see the whole thing made eye contact with our student, shook his head in sympathy, said “Women!” and then they struck up a short, friendly conversation.

So, what if random strangers ARE watching you, and they DO KNOW that you’re talking to women, and THEY CARE for some unexplainable reason, and not only that, but they also have a completely IRRATIONAL VENDETTA against you?

First of all, this is in the realm of imagined nightmare situations that actually can’t ever happen. Second of all, people watching you that DO care about your striking up conversations with girls AND aren’t supportive of you simple won’t do a damn thing about it.

That’s right. Got some haters out there? They’ll keep their mouths shut. Haters gonna hate (probably not), and they’ll also go about hating silently. Strangers almost necessarily can’t be haters – they have no negative emotional connection with you! (And if the case is that they’re not strangers, then what are you doing around people you know who are salting your game? They don’t just randomly follow you around downtown when you go and talk to women. Once again, this is a magical imaginary situation that simply could never happen spontaneously.)

But even at the end of the line, there are still guys who will insist that there are people watching who do know what’s going on and do care and aren’t supportive and are willing to do something about it are.

For this one, we have statistics. Pure numbers. Science.

Doesn’t happen. At. All. In. Any. Statistically. Meaningful. Sense. according to our stats, 1 in about 17,000 approaches.

That’s right. One time. Some random guy saw me approach a girl, yelled “Hey! What are you doing?” I said “Hello,” to him, and walked away to another part of the street. Then I went back to talking to girls a couple minutes later and everything was fine.

Alright. So maybe impossible wishy-washy nightmare situation DO happen, just like people do actually get hit by falling meteorites and trampled to death by packs of wild stampeding giraffes. But are you gonna be scared to drive your car tomorrow because you saw there was a meteor shower on the other side of the planet? Too scared to go to the zoo now?

The stats are here. We’ve tested them. And it simply doesn’t happen. Get out, get up, and go talk to as many attractive women as you can every day.


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